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Security Guarding

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Security Guarding

Training and development (career and personal) are considered of utmost importance to Saber Security. It is the way that we ensure that our staff is able to do the job they are employed for and to provide an excellent service. Our personnel are fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards with particular focus on customer service provision.


Our officers are inducted and receive regular refresher training on the required site-specific skills as an investment in our workforce, empowering them to fulfill their duties. A skilled and engaged team offer our clients the reassurance and satisfaction that their interests will be protected and secure.


Fully trained and licensed to Security Industry Authority standards, our retail guarding personnel are deployed as a means of presence and prevention in various sectors of the security industry including: Construction, Retail, and the Night Time Economy. Our team have significant experience in asset and security guarding in public and private sites.

Security Guarding Roles

The roles and responsibilities of our static guards include:

  • Check calls to the Control Centre

  • Counter Terrorism Training (Project Griffin, ACT Awareness)

  • Initial point of contact for members of the public and local authorities

  • Reconnaissance of the site and any suspicious activity

  • Regular patrols of the area and surrounding perimeters

  • Safety procedures

  • Searches, where required.

Our guards act as a visual deterrent to potential loss prevention and at the same time offering peace of mind to shoppers through their visibility and availability for customer service provision.

All Retail Guards employed by Saber are trained to SIA front line door supervisor standards, giving them the conflict management skills essential in minimizing any issues that may occur.


The outlet's specific security requirements would be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencing a working contract.

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