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All About Saber Security

Image by Henry Be

Company Details:

Saber Security Limited was formed and incorporated as a limited company in London, April of 2002, with the wish to provide man guarding and front-line door supervision security services that exceed customer expectations. We have recognised that to succeed, we must invest in quality and we have therefore made a significant financial investment into achieving a Quality Management System, and attained ISO 9001 accreditation.


The company’s procedures and work methods are written and implemented in accordance with all the relevant British standards. The quality management system is reviewed and audited twice yearly to ensure customer requirements are being met and all current and appropriate legislation is adhered to. In addition to our quality management system, we have a clear set of procedures.


These are shared with all staff in the form of a handbook. They have been specifically defined and developed to ensure that our staff are clear on the quality criteria we work to in order to meet the requirements of our clients. In order to test our quality delivery on site, we conduct regular site visits to ensure that our staff is adhering to not only our, but our client’s requirements and they are regularly tested on their knowledge about the site they are working on.

Company Principles:
We are committed to developing a diverse workforce that reflects the varied and assorted staff and visitors to the sites in our portfolio. We are dedicated to eradicating modern day slavery from our industry.

Our Equipment

All equipment supplied with the option to hire is dependent on-site requirements, budget, and with the option to hire depending on the legal obligations. This helps Saber to ensure the safety of our staff and to allow security personnel to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the customer arrangements and health and safety regulations.

Confidentiality Agreement 

A comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement will be in place between Saber Security and our client. All Saber personnel working on-site will adhere to the agreement to protect the integrity of the business and its practices.

Venue Documentation

All client premises will be issued with documentation that includes bespoke, site specific operational procedures, written instructions for the change of security personnel, and written records that evidence compliance to customer and industry requirements. The use and production of documents is in line with the relevant industry standards. Documentation will be accessible via an online document resource centre for inspection by our own Compliance Managers and any relevant stakeholders.

Staffing Training & Development

At Saber, we provide personnel with the skills and competencies required to fulfill
their role and meet the needs of our customers. With a structured approach that integrates legislative and industry training, our aim is to build a bespoke and
comprehensive training and development plan for each officer. All training records will be made available on our online learning portal for stakeholders and staff to track progress, enabling Saber to measure due diligence and competency.

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