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Front of House Support


Front of House Support

First impressions count both for Saber and our clients. With that in mind, our team of front-line personnel are on hand to provide a professional and friendly point of contact for staff and visitors to our secured locations.

We pride ourselves on learning the inner workings of our client’s businesses to ensure a seamless service for entry into their assets. With nearly 20 years’ experience servicing some of London’s most prime real estate
holdings, we are well versed in high-level stakeholder engagement in a professional manner.

Our front of house personnel is experienced in:

  • Counter Terrorism Procedures and Precautions

  • Customer Service provision

  • Guest greeting and Social Interactions

  • Interpersonal Interactions

  • Key-holding and distribution

  • Proactive high level stakeholder engagement

  • Site-specific Policies and Procedures

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