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Support Services

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Support Services


Saber provides expert advice to our clients in all the areas related to security procurement, provision, and deployment. We act as thought leaders and keep up-to-date with the latest trends, industry regulations, standards, and best practices. This provides us with the knowledge
and understanding to make an informed recommendation to their business.


We make it our priority to gain the most up to date knowledge through information sharing and strategic alliances with other companies, local authorities, and national bodies. We also hold subscriptions to various security-related expos, events and government incentives. Our focus is
on providing our clients with a complete security package to help safeguard their business, investments, and stakeholder and shareholder interests.
Saber use additional training resources from industry expert providers to ensure that our security personnel have the most up to date knowledge, know-how, and customer service skills. With the use of additional resources, we ensure our scope is as wide and all-encompassing.

We champion the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach in all aspects of service and additional support to make sure our service exceeds customer expectations.

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