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Saber Security

Recruitment and vetting process:


People who wish to work with the Company will be asked to apply via an online portal which requires them to submit information that then allows us to vet them to BS 7858:2019.

Our clients will benefit from additional due diligence levels as we have invested in TrustId software to scan and check the validity of identity documents and visas.


TrustId is widely used across the NHS, Government bodies, academic institutions and various private sector employers to make identity validation checks and accept identity documents quickly and confidently to help comply with Right to Work Legislation.

Outlined below is the approach our managers adhere to when assigning new officers to a contract. This is designed to check their background and integrity.

Any gaps in service or unaccounted periods would result in rejection of the candidate. This process was applied to the current contract and has resulted in us providing a highly trusted workforce.

We invest heavily in our staff to guarantee they achieve the level of service expected by our customers and attain the highest levels of personal development possible. Our selection, training, and vetting process ensure the people we employ are professional and they carry out their duties in a manner that reflects their training and skills in a positive manner.

Saber focuses heavily on the work environment that we provide to each and every staff member and work to ensure our team feels safe at work. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated as we hold inclusiveness as a very high standard. At Saber Security, there is a place for everyone.

What to Expect


Step 1: First Interview


 • Check applicant’s form carefully

 • Confirm applicant’s identity and home address

 • Sight and smell test (includes colour blind test)

 • Conduct Psychometric test


 Step 2: Initial Vetting


 • Telephone enquiries for last five (5) years (confirmed in writing)

 • Start written enquiries (5 years)


 Step 3: Second Interview

(Conducted by Operational   Management)


 • Review results of enquiries

 • Assess suitability for specific customer and site environment


 Step 4: Full Vetting 


• Complete written reference enquiries for full five (5) years

• Assess results

• Decision – either confirm or terminate employment.

Officers are not considered full time employees until all the above elements have been completed. Staff will be recruited in accordance with BS7858:2019 (our current procedure), which means applicants are subject to the following:

• Emailed references are collected from former employers

• Evidence sought of a continuous record of employment or history for five years or back to school leaving, whichever is the shorter, on a month-by-month basis

• A requirement to declare details of all cautions and/or convictions for criminal offenses, including motoring offenses and pending action not covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 

• Global Watchlist Check

• Evidence of a passport, visa and residency (where relevant) or ID card as proof of identity, which will be scanned via our Trust ID app

• Consumer information check (financial probity) Staff will be vetted by our dedicated, trained, and qualified Vetting Officer. All recruitment and vetting files are signed off by our Managing Director.

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