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At Saber Security, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We have documented policies, including a quality policy, and regularly review our quality management systems.


We do this to achieve full compliance and in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

A fundamental policy of Saber is to supply the customer with clear information streams and terms and conditions of business. This well-defined and coherent method allows us to remain transparent we are confident that our customers appreciate this approach.


A fundamental policy of Saber is to supply the customer
with clear and transparent information and terms and conditions of our business relationship.


Our principals are driven by our Managing Director Ray Jezard, our Director of  Operations Gary Buys, our Director Heino Heitzer, and our Compliance Manager Neil Stringer


Saber Security values its reputation in the private security sector and is committed to maintaining excellence in business. As a company, we are committed to the business regulations in our industry and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the conduct of business affairs. The actions and conduct of the businesses staff, as well as management and others acting on the company’s behalf, are integral ingredients to maintaining these standards. Our personnel are representations of our business and are extensively trained to act accordingly.

Saber has recognised that to succeed, we must invest in quality. Therefore, we have made a significant financial investment into achieving a Quality Management System. Our procedures and work methods are written and implemented in accordance with all relevant BS standards. The quality management system is reviewed and audited twice yearly to ensure industry and customer requirements are met and all current and appropriate legislation is adhered to.

In addition, we have a clear set of specifically designed procedures that have been defined and developed over time and through practice ensuring our staff are clear on the quality criteria we work to. To test our quality delivery on-site, we conduct regular internal audits and ‘mystery shopper’ site visits, to be sure that our staff are adhering to client specifications. They are regularly tested on their site knowledge by management, who also take part in the required training.



Saber hold insurances to the value of £10,000,000 for Public Liability, Employer Liability, Professional Indemnity.


Our main quality objectives ensure we remain focused on achieving our ambitions. We have set the following quality objectives that we will monitor and measure ourselves against:

  • To maintain the quality management policy to the highest standards

  • Expand the client base without compromising client satisfaction

  • Respond to all complaints within 24 hours and to close down within five working days

  • Ensure no customers are dissatisfied with the service we provide. This policy is communicated throughout the organisation via effective induction training and its understanding verified during internal audits.


Intro to Staff Standards

Click to view our Staff        Accreditations &

Operating Standards


Click to view our vetting process for Delivering a Quality Security Officer

Data Protection & GDPR

Click to view our General Data Protection Regulation Policy

Equal Opportunity

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